Wildom Farm, McHenry, MD

Meet Wildom Farm


Wildom is a regenerative farm that prioritizes animal welfare, ecology and, human health. Simply put we produce food that is good for the animals, the land, and you. We raise multi-species livestock in a forest and pasture based system. Our cattle, sheep and chicken graze our pastures while our pigs and turkeys forage through our forests. Animals are rotated to new areas consistently. This movement allows them to always access fresh forage and explore new territory, while also giving the soil an opportunity to rest and recover.Our cows and sheep are 100% grassfed and finished. Our pigs, chickens and turkeys are given certified organic corn/soy free feed in addition to what they forage. The products we currently offer are pork, chicken, eggs, lamb and a lard-based moisturizer.

Products & Services at a glance
  • Regeneratively raised meats
  • Pasture raised, corn & soy free eggs
  • Lard-based moisturizer
  • Farm Tours