Meet Our Vendors

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Full Time Vendors

Expect to see these vendors every week!

Country Parson Honey

Deadwood Naturals

Deep Creek Pottery

His and Hers Market Garden

Honey Moon Farm

Knotty Res

Larry Lee’s Too Thick to Squeeze

Meadow Mountain Hemp & Meadow Mountain Microgreens

Riffle Farm

Round Right Farm

Stemple Brothers Farm

Valley Farm Maple

Wild Ember Bread

Wildom Farm

Yorkie Acres & Herbal Earth Apothecary

Part-Time Vendors

Expect to see these vendors most weeks!

4 Suns

Aiken Farms

A.L.L. Produce

Deep Creek Woods

Liberated Libations

Maryland Line Farm

Miller Baits

Moonflower Farm

Petunia Patch

Three Sisters Farm

Wellness Living

Wild and Wooly Hats

Drop- In Vendors

Expect these vendors every so often- check our calendar for when they will be attending!

Appalachian Wax Works

Crimson Shamrock Alpaca Ranch

Locust Grove Crafts

The Mindfulness Aid

Nancy Nelson Jewelry

Sacred Mountain Doulas

Sky Valley Bees

Tumbled and Tossed

Wirestorm Creations