Honey Moon Farm, Accident, MD


Meet Honey Moon Farm

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Honey Moon Farm is a small 3 acre farm located in Accident, MD, and is a first generation, family owned and female operated business. We have been in operation since 2017. Our Farm focuses on growing produce, keeping honey bees, and raising a flock of free range pastured hens. We believe that small scale diversified farms will begin to play an increasingly important role in our ever changing economy and environment.

We use intensive planting methods, while maintaining a focus on soil health and ecological systems, to grow a wide variety of vegetables, fruits, herbs, and cut flowers. We choose to perform all work by hand or with a walk-behind tractor which is better suited for our small space, and keeps our connection with the soil strong. We are Certified Naturally Grown (CNG), which means that we use sustainable growing practices and do not use any synthetic or chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides, and do not use any genetically modified (GMO) seeds or products. We believe in growing high quality produce for our community, while caring for our land.

Currently, we sell at local farmers markets, and to various restaurants in the region. In 2020 we expanded our operation to include a CSA membership program. We plan to continue to grow our membership each year. By focusing on heirloom and hard-to-come-by varieties, we hope to inspire our customers to try new things and expand their interest in different types of fruits and vegetables.

Products & Services at a Glance
  • CSA Membership Program
  • Certified Naturally Grown Vegetables, herbs, and fruits
  • Cut flower bouquets
  • All Natural, unfiltered Honey
  • Free-range Eggs