His and Hers Market Garden, Farmington, PA


Meet His and Hers Market Garden


At His and Hers Market Farm we offer food that is not only local and seasonal but is also delicious and as fresh as you can find.  When you purchase foods from His and Hers Farm Market you have the satisfaction of knowing that your food came directly from our farm, without going through a store, a retail market, or a distributor along the way.  

Locally grown food tastes better. Farm to table food is grown to taste as good as possible.  Most grocery store foods are mass-produced and grown in quantity. Great taste and better nutritional content are achieved when food ripens naturally. Food that travels to grocery stores from long distances most times don’t have as many nutrients as locally grown food. Produce that makes long treks to your grocery store is usually picked before it’s ripe and fully ready to eat, which in turn will reduce the nutritional value in those foods.

Both the quality and the freshness of the foods you get from His and Hers Farm Market is something that is not available through most markets and grocery stores.  For us “farm to table” is a deep and serious commitment to you and your family.  Our items are often delivered directly to the market within hours of being picked and/or harvested.  His and Hers is a farm where people can buy food directly from us – the growers – and then take it straight to the table in your home.

Products & Services at a Glance
  • Fresh Vegetables
  • Fresh herbs
  • Farm Share CSA